Info About the Duo Residences Condos

DUO Residences | Mixed development at Rochor-Ophir by M+S - HomeI have been thinking about moving to a nice, new condo for quite awhile. However, I have not really had the opportunity to act on this desire yet. My friend was telling me about the duo residences the other day, which I guess is going to have a lot of condos available for sale once it opens. Something a long the lines of a few hundred; I think that he actually said that there would be 500 or 600 units available upon the launch of the location. I am not really sure if that is accurate though, so I am going to try to find some more information out about this place.

I do not really like the place I am currently living at, and I think that I spent too much money on it. Odds are, I will not be able to make that money back when I sell the place.