Just Got Back from Germany

The reasons why your car insurance premium is sky-high - TelegraphI am straight out of Wiesbaden this morning, right now I am sitting at Gander, Newfoundland waiting for them to get the plane ready. After that I am going to Fort Campbell and then after a couple of weeks I get my discharge and it is back to civilian life for the first time in nearly a decade. I am looking for some cheap auto insurance and thinking that I might have to spend some time being completely free of any sort of entanglement. I can afford to do it, because while I was off in Europe my expenses were nothing and then I had this settlement money due me from a long time ago, from something that happened while I was in high school. My Mom negotiated a good settlement with me, from this guy’s insurance company and they are going to be giving me a nice fat check in a few months.

At any rate I am thinking about getting me a truck with a camper shell and going West to some places where I have never been.