From Home Life to Apartment Life

Brooklyn bridge Wallpapers Pictures Photos ImagesA friend of mine had a mortgage on his home that he couldn’t pay, and he had to leave. Rather than letting him leave his home and staying in debt, I advised him to look for short sales in Brooklyn NY. He had no idea what a short sale was, so I explained it to him. He was able to find a company to carry out the short sale for him and in the process, he avoided foreclosure and now only has to pay back a little bit of the debt that he originally owed.

I let my friend stay in my home while he looked for a new place to live. The home he bought was in a neighborhood where the property taxes were incredibly high. When he first bought the home, he payed a lot for it, but he didn’t but it outright. He wanted to live in a cheaper neighborhood and rent an apartment. He thought that things will be more convenient for him if he moved somewhere that was closer to the city, which is where he works and does most of his shopping. To him, hunting for the apartment was more work than dealing with the short sale.

Eventually, my friend found a nice one bedroom apartment with a full bathroom, living room, and kitchen. It was a downgrade from the home he previously had, but it was still worth living in. The apartment complex even had its own swimming pool and tennis court. My friend didn’t know how to swim or play tennis, but he was willing to learn since the pool and court were available to all residents. I might come over and teach my friend how to swim. He’ll have to learn how to play tennis on his own, but I can show him a few strokes.


Ridding Your Place of Bugs is Easy with Expert Help

I have had a major interest in cooking foods since I was a small child. From a very young again, I can remember climbing up on a barstool to watch everything my mother and grandmother did in the kitchen from about the age of 5 on. Over time, they let me help them, and my love of food prep and cooking was born. It was only natural that I would become an adult with a restaurant of his own. But in my city, insects can be a problem, so I soon needed the help of pest control in Brooklyn to put a stop to the problem. It has been a long road to get my own place, and I did not want my restaurant derailed by little creatures that can become a health hazard.

The long road to becoming the owner of my own business started out with me thinking that food was simply a hobby. I enjoyed making things for our family get-togethers, and my mom enjoyed having her time freed up to do other things while I made the Sunday meal for 15 people in my Italian family. Homemade meatballs, different varieties of pasta dishes and delectable desserts were my specialty and everyone in the family loved seeing what I would come up with next.

I went on to college thinking that I needed an office career like my father. I spent three years in school before I realized that I had no interest in following his footsteps. I dropped out and began working at a restaurant as a line cook. I soon worked my way up to the chef position, and I saved as much as possible along the way. When the owner decided to retire, I bought the place.

The original owner was not really good about keeping the bugs out. You see, we were located in a strip mall, and the insects came over to our place from the alley behind our building and thanks to our neighbors. So, as soon as the place was mine, I paid to have exterminators come in and spray the entire building. I knew that would do the trick, and it did.


Started out My New Job

I have started out my new job and I have a lot of responsibility. In fact I am the assistant to the manager of a firm which providers senior home care in Brooklyn NY and other adjacent parts of the New York city metropolitan area. There are a couple dozen traveling nurses and I have to make sure they all know where and when they are supposed to be to tend to the patients. Of course this is something where you are still well enough to live independently in your own residence, but you have health problems which need to be attended to. I have been picking up the job on the fly. The guy who used to do it sort of left them abruptly. From what I understand he apparently got himself an older woman with a lot of money. She apparently gave him enough money for an allowance so that he did not need a job. Of course I can not fault him for this, as I might do the same if I liked the woman and her money was thick enough. So far it has mostly been learning. The boss does not really trust me yet, because I could obviously create a lot of chaos if I did this stuff badly. Obviously you have to be sure that you have all of the nurses where they are supposed to be and you have to make sure that the patient knows that you are coming. The best thing is to have the same nurse come every week at the same time. A lot of the patients do not want to have a new nurse when they have gotten used to one of them. If you keep the time consistent it becomes a routine and is easy for them to keep track of.