In Charge of My Own Savings

When I was growing up, my parents always told me that I was spending too much of their money. Since I was just a young teenager without a job, I didn’t have to worry about, and my parents paid for everything. When I got older and had to get my own job, I realized exactly what they were talking about. I try to spend as little money as possible on everything. I even try to save money by getting lower prices for essential services that I need. I recently had to go to to get a lower priced energy provider.

The most difficult thing about saving money is that prices aren’t always consistent, which can be good or bad depending on how the prices shift. When the prices drop, it’s good because I can get more for less, but when they go up, then I have to get less. It happens with items that I buy in the supermarket and with services. One brand of paper towels that I normally buy had a sale where they were half off. Combined with a coupon that I had, the price was further reduced and I was able to get three packages for the price of one.

On the other side, my cable subscription recently raised their prices, and I had to haggle with a customer service representative over the phone to get a lower price. I told them that I would have to reduce the number of channels that I have or cancel the service outright if I couldn’t get a lower price, so the representative made me an offer to reduce the cost of my channels for 6 months. I’ll have to call my other service providers and haggle with them for lower prices before they decide to raise their rates again.