Getting Internet at My New House

When I moved out of my parents’ house to my own, I was pretty excited. I had always lived with them, even when I went to college, so this was the first time I had been on my own. My parents wanted to help me with a lot of things since I wasn’t starting out with a lot of money, but I insisted that I could do this on my own. It helped knowing they are there if I would need some help though. The first thing I did was look into ATT Internet.

I had moved nearly 100 miles away, so I definitely wanted to be able to stay in touch with my folks through social media and email. I also wanted to be able to save on my bill, so I knew that bundling it with my phone service would net me cheaper Internet. I was not worried about getting TV service because I hardly watch anything on a TV anymore ever since I started an online subscription to a streaming service. That is why I wanted to go with AT&T, because I have never had a problem with them with my cell phone. I knew that they would deliver the same type of service with my Internet.

I was able to get a good bit of information on ATT Internet even before leaving home to move into the house I was renting. I did this with everything, including my utilities, because I wanted everything set up there even before I arrived to stay for good. Everything I read about AT&T online regarding their Internet service was very promising, so I went ahead and got things set up for the installation. It was quick and easy, and I love having my folks just a click away now that I am finally moved in.