A Great Apartment for Our Family

Moving to a new town is hard for most people. It is even harder when those people are teens who have to start a new school in the middle of the year. That is what happened with our two kids when my husband was transferred with barely any warning. We had considered keeping our house and having him commute, but it was just too far. Instead, we looked at apartments for rent in Shawnee KS, and we let the girls be an integral part in finding the next place we would call home.

We knew that it would go a bit easier on them if they really liked our new home. We were not going to buy a house or even rent one because we knew that this could happen again, and it just made better sense to rent an apartment until we knew what was going to happen with my husband’s job. Having the girls help us find our new home turned out to be the best decision we could have made. They found a gorgeous townhome that has a lot of wonderful amenities in it, and both were actually excited about going there to see it in person.

We made a weekend of it, and we all knew that this was going to be a fun and nice place to settle into. The last thing I had to do was look at the school district because their education is very important to us. We wanted them to be in a good school so, and the school they go to now is exactly that. They are actually getting better grades here, plus they love living at Shawnee Station. They have met so many new friends, and they fit right in. Their happiness is so important to us, so I am really glad that this move to our new apartment has been a good one for them.


Working Through My Christmas List

I have decided that I would work on getting ahead on the whole Christmas thing this year. Last year I waited for the last minute because I was so busy in a new job and in other parts of my life. It was pretty much a real disaster if you look at it realistically. So I have already started on the list so as to get it down to something that can be easily manage. I will wait and check out the cyber Monday best deals for some of the things that I am thinking about. Both my niece and my nephew want to get a tablet for their Christmas gift and they were nice enough to tell me that this is what they want. In fact this is something that their parents have to be perfectly okay with, because a kid with a tablet can really be a problem if you do not have strict rules about it. I know some people who claim that it makes them cranky if you let them abuse it, and obviously many of them get addicted.

At any rate I have worked through about half of the gifts that I need, but the truth is that I started with the ones that were going to involve the least amount of cash. That seemed like the best thing to do, especially where I was able to do it on the web. I spent about three hundred dollars on all of it, but I did not have to go out and do any shopping. I did give out a few gift certificates for the people who I was not sure what to get things for. That is a little bit lazy, but I am not going to stress over the small details when the objective is to get a head start.


I Made an Unexpected Change in My Career

It was having an electrician in New Jersey come do some work on my new place that made me realize that I wanted to change the course of my career. I had been really unhappy working in an office for many years, and I wanted to do something else that would help me get out and about around the city and allow me to work with my hands. I knew this long ago, but was never sure of exactly what I should do. So, I followed in my dad’s footsteps and worked in his office for a lot of years. But one day, my luck changed when I talked to the guy who came to my house to fix some things.

Dad was a very successful business man, and we had a close relationship. I never wanted to run the place, so dad left the business to my brother. I continued working there after dad passed away, and I was even a senior manager. I led a team of four other employees and I was paid well. But despite my luck at work, I was never really happy with what I was doing. I wanted to be more hands on. I wanted to be able to talk to and meet new people. I was simply bored working in and office each day with only the same people each day to talk to. I needed a change.

When the power went out in my house one weekend, I thought maybe it was caused with a problem at the utility company. But it turned out that my house was the only one affected in the neighborhood, and the problem was with the old wiring in my house. An electrician came out that next Monday. We had a nice talk and i was really fascinated by the things he was teaching me. I decided to go to to electrician school after that.


Getting Internet at My New House

When I moved out of my parents’ house to my own, I was pretty excited. I had always lived with them, even when I went to college, so this was the first time I had been on my own. My parents wanted to help me with a lot of things since I wasn’t starting out with a lot of money, but I insisted that I could do this on my own. It helped knowing they are there if I would need some help though. The first thing I did was look into ATT Internet.

I had moved nearly 100 miles away, so I definitely wanted to be able to stay in touch with my folks through social media and email. I also wanted to be able to save on my bill, so I knew that bundling it with my phone service would net me cheaper Internet. I was not worried about getting TV service because I hardly watch anything on a TV anymore ever since I started an online subscription to a streaming service. That is why I wanted to go with AT&T, because I have never had a problem with them with my cell phone. I knew that they would deliver the same type of service with my Internet.

I was able to get a good bit of information on ATT Internet even before leaving home to move into the house I was renting. I did this with everything, including my utilities, because I wanted everything set up there even before I arrived to stay for good. Everything I read about AT&T online regarding their Internet service was very promising, so I went ahead and got things set up for the installation. It was quick and easy, and I love having my folks just a click away now that I am finally moved in.