I Made an Unexpected Change in My Career

It was having an electrician in New Jersey come do some work on my new place that made me realize that I wanted to change the course of my career. I had been really unhappy working in an office for many years, and I wanted to do something else that would help me get out and about around the city and allow me to work with my hands. I knew this long ago, but was never sure of exactly what I should do. So, I followed in my dad’s footsteps and worked in his office for a lot of years. But one day, my luck changed when I talked to the guy who came to my house to fix some things.

Dad was a very successful business man, and we had a close relationship. I never wanted to run the place, so dad left the business to my brother. I continued working there after dad passed away, and I was even a senior manager. I led a team of four other employees and I was paid well. But despite my luck at work, I was never really happy with what I was doing. I wanted to be more hands on. I wanted to be able to talk to and meet new people. I was simply bored working in and office each day with only the same people each day to talk to. I needed a change.

When the power went out in my house one weekend, I thought maybe it was caused with a problem at the utility company. But it turned out that my house was the only one affected in the neighborhood, and the problem was with the old wiring in my house. An electrician came out that next Monday. We had a nice talk and i was really fascinated by the things he was teaching me. I decided to go to to electrician school after that.

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