Keeping Our Fruit Trees Healthy

We have pear, plum and apple trees in our yard. We have been taking care of them since we planted them 20 years ago, and they have been steadily bearing fruit every year. We make sure the trees are fed, and they feed us. We have experts at Queens tree services prune them correctly so they continue to bear fruit. If you do too much or do it at the wrong time, you can have a long wait before the tree bears fruit again. I think some fruiting trees just do not recover from bad pruning.

All of our trees are kept short so we can easily harvest the fruit. The pears, apples and plums taste delicious. My wife has carried on the canning tradition of jellies and preserves from her grandmother’s recipes. We give them away as gifts during the holidays. Yes, it is a lot of work. However, you cannot buy jellies and preserves like it in the stores. We get an abundant harvest each year. There is enough to share with our neighbors. Our kids will pick fruit right off of the tree and eat it while out playing. We do not use any pesticides, so the fruit is safe to eat. You cannot get any more organic than this.

I think that every back yard in America should have some trees that produce fruit. Trees do require regular pruning and some soil amendments to feed them, but they are much easier to care for than most gardens. Plus, you get a whole lot of fruit out of even one small tree. Keeping them properly pruned ensures the harvest continues year after year. We have avoided blights that have killed other trees just by providing some routine care for our fruit trees. It takes years for one to grow, so keeping what you got healthy is important.

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