Working Through My Christmas List

I have decided that I would work on getting ahead on the whole Christmas thing this year. Last year I waited for the last minute because I was so busy in a new job and in other parts of my life. It was pretty much a real disaster if you look at it realistically. So I have already started on the list so as to get it down to something that can be easily manage. I will wait and check out the cyber Monday best deals for some of the things that I am thinking about. Both my niece and my nephew want to get a tablet for their Christmas gift and they were nice enough to tell me that this is what they want. In fact this is something that their parents have to be perfectly okay with, because a kid with a tablet can really be a problem if you do not have strict rules about it. I know some people who claim that it makes them cranky if you let them abuse it, and obviously many of them get addicted.

At any rate I have worked through about half of the gifts that I need, but the truth is that I started with the ones that were going to involve the least amount of cash. That seemed like the best thing to do, especially where I was able to do it on the web. I spent about three hundred dollars on all of it, but I did not have to go out and do any shopping. I did give out a few gift certificates for the people who I was not sure what to get things for. That is a little bit lazy, but I am not going to stress over the small details when the objective is to get a head start.

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