The Factory is Closed This Week

It is not any part of my problem, but if there is one thing wrong in the factory it eventually closes down the whole thing. In this case it has to do with the people who were supposed to fix one of the systems. They were trying to speed up the process to maximize the output of the place to match the speed of the machines that they call case packers. The idea is simple. The machines could pack about 5 % more cases than we were putting through, but getting the rest of the operation up another five percent is complicated. All of this is like a very highly coordinated ballet. One guy does one thing and then the next guy does his one thing, same with the machines, one process leads directly to the next. At any rate they started messing with it all and instead making it go a little faster, they made it go a little too fast and it became a full fledged disaster.

It seems like they would have been able to press the re set button and start all over again the way that it used to be, but all of this did a bit of damage and so the technicians and the maintenance guys are the only ones working at the moment. It was okay with me to tell the truth. I called up my Dad and met him up at Lake Stanley. He and one of his buddies have this secret place up there and they did not really want to invite me to tell you the truth. At any rate we caught a lot of this hybrid bass up there, I lost count on how many it was to tell the truth. None of them were very big, but they all fought hard.


Great Way to Scan Those Family Pictures

I understand that Facebook isn’t just for kids and young adult anymore, but I never thought my eighty year old mother would want to have a Facebook account of her own. When I went home at Thanksgiving to visit my parents, both my Mom and Dad were talking about how much they loved the Facebook. They started to ask me about how hard it was to upload their old family photos to the internet, so I told them I would find a way to help them. I went online and did a Google search for Facebook photo scanning software and instructions.

My brother had bought my parents a great new printer that would allow them to scan all of their old photo albums to the internet for safe keeping and allowing all of the family around the country to print them out at their leisure. When I found your website I was really happy because it was extremely helpful in explaining the way to upload pictures to the internet. Within a few minutes I had my parents scanning their family pictures and uploading them to Facebook.

It seems like almost every day I get three or four new pictures sent to me from my parents. They even went to the store and bought a great new digital camera to take great pictures. Technology is great, when you can teach an elderly person to be computer savvy like a teenager. Five years ago when I was just really starting out on Facebook, you would have never been able to convince me that my parents would build a page of their own and become an internet wizard. I am just glad the internet wasn’t around when they were kids, I don’t think I want to see those posts they would have made during their younger years.


Successful Work with a VPS

Having access to the best VPS provider was my number one priority when choosing a VPS that would work well with my website. I had heard plenty of horror stories about people who used a certain VPS and had so many problems that it interrupted their business. I didn’t want to take that risk, and so I put in the time to do proper research to evaluate all of the VPS solutions available. I chose the VPS provider that I am using now, and my site has been running without any problems.

One of my friends who used one of the bad VPS providers wanted me to help him find a good provider. I gave him the name of my provider and he switched over. His site is a simple craft site where he sells creations and donates some of the proceeds to charity. With the old VPS provider, his site would be down half of the time because of issues with the servers. This caused him to lose a lot of sales that could have gone towards charity donations. Now that he’s switched VPS providers, his site never goes down.

Apparently my ability to find a working VPS provider spread all over town, and the local community college wants me to give a seminar about how to find a good VPS provider. I agreed to give the seminar, but I don’t really know what to tell them. All I have to do is give them the name of my VPS provider and that’s it. This will be a pretty short seminar, but on the bright side, I can go home early and check on my website. Maybe I can use the VPS to give the seminar in the form of an online seminar. That would be easier to do and takes little time.


Buying Twitter Retweets Helped My Business

I am not a marketing genius, but even I knew that I had to do something different to pick up my company sales. I was depending a large bit on social media, because it was just cheaper for me that way. I had read of quite a few success stories following the same logic, so I knew that I had to tweak my plan a bit since I was not seeing a significant level of success yet. That is when I found out that I could buy Twitter retweets, which is a huge part of that particular social media platform.

Having a large number of followers is great, and it is quite helpful too. Having my Tweets get retweeted is huge too though. When new followers look at my Twitter profile, they are looking not only at my Tweets but my stats as well. That is why I needed to do what I could to get my numbers higher. I did a search online for some tips, which is how I found the company that sells retweets to companies and individuals like myself. I wanted to make sure that it was a legitimate offer first, since there are so many people out there who do try to take advantage of others.

I read quite a few testimonials on this company though, and I saw that they are not only legitimate but highly recommended as well. They deliver on their promises, and they also have attractively priced packages that will help people get more followers and retweets. I ended up going with a package deal, because I knew that having more followers would be a huge help to me too. I spent less than a hundred dollars on this, and the change in my business has been nothing short of amazing. I am now one of those companies that highly recommend their services to others now.


Great Idea for Christmas Gifts

Christmas is going to be here soon and every year I have a huge party for all of the workers in our office. We own an insurance company and the people we work with are like our family. This year instead of buying little gifts for everyone, that I never know if they actually like I decided to buy designer hand painted cocktail glasses, since most of our employees do drink I think they would love the personal touch of a cocktail glasses that was made just for them. Each year I normally buy one type of gift for the women in the office and one gift for the men in the office. I have heard through the grapevine that many of the employees really didn’t like the last gifts I gave them last year at Christmas, so this year I wanted to change that.

I knew the men in the office all drank scotch so I thought buying them scotch glasses would be a perfect fit for them. Then For the ladies in the office I would buy them specialty wine glasses. I knew the ladies liked their wine, because on more than one occasion we would go out for a drink after work. I also thought about the fact that when you have people over to your home having unique wine glasses for everyone is a great thing so everyone remembers which wine glass is theirs. When I cam across your online store a few months ago I was so excited because you had everything I was looking for and at a great price too. I was able to find just the right style of wine glasses for the ladies in the office and also the perfect size scotch glasses for the men at the office. I know everyone is going to love their gifts this year.


High End Clothing by Nike

I like to look good. Most guys do. We enjoy buying ourselves good looking clothing. Personally I’m a big fan of Nike clothes – they’ve got the best that you could ask for if you’re an athlete. There is no denying that many of their advanced materials and fabrics have done wonders to change sports completely. Right down to my custom Nike Elite socks, my entire gym outfit is made up of Nike. I refuse to go to the gym without any of it. For one, it’s way lighter than anything that you’re going to be able to find from another company.

I know that Nike can get a lot of flack because of the fact that they are so expensive. When you think about it, you’re not paying only for the Nike brand and the value that goes with it. You’re also paying for the quality of that brand. Including in this value is the quality of the fabric you’re buying which for individuals dedicated to the field of sports is an important considering. Some of these materials are so advanced that they have been banned in competition unless every single competitor has their own. Think about that.

Nike is a powerhouse in the industry who deserves the credit they get. They have to charge the amount that they do in order to be able to afford the work that goes into creating these incredible pieces of clothing and athletic equipment. Too many people overlook the fact that Nike has an important place in the world as one of the premier creators and manufacturers of modern fabric and material technology. This is why I’m willing to invest in them through buying their clothing; it means that in some way I am contributing to the continued progress for sports and field.


The Best WordPress Tech Support I Have Ever Found

People would probably be surprised to find out that the software behind some of the biggest websites on the Internet is WordPress. It is a popular and highly configurable content management software to run even highly intricate websites. It is much more than just a blogging software. However, even though it is easy to use and easy to get started with, when you want to do some highly advanced things you are likely going to need WordPress tech support. The problem is that hosting companies that provide you the WordPress to use are not always the best at helping you manage it.

Some web hosts offer one click installation and building of a WordPress style site. However, they do not offer any technical support. There have been countless website builders who have spent hours on support forums and reading technical papers trying to get something developed with their own WordPress websites. Having access to professional WordPress tech support when you need it is a very valuable thing. It can save you hours of frustration.

Here is the thing about using WordPress as a content management software for your website. It works and it works very well. However, you do need to choose the best solution for what you are trying to get done. Also, things need to be configured for how your website and Theme functions. Professional tech support for WordPress comes in handy in these situations. Once you have it set up right, you can just let it go because it is very stable. It is just getting things set up and running right that can be a real headache. This is why we maintain our access to pros who know how the WordPress content system functions inside and out. This frees up my time to do other more interesting things than set up websites.


Can You Figure out How Brisbane Magician Simon Does His Tricks?

It is interesting how the sleight of hand experts can grab the attention of crowds. It is funny how otherwise rational adults can be amazed at something their minds know is a trick yet they cannot figure out. My favorite line that people say to magicians is, “Do that again!” Another one is, “How did you do that?” Even though they know the performer is not going to reveal his secrets, they ask anyway. Some are better than others. They hone their skills to wow the crowds like Brisbane magician Simon does for his audiences.

I can’t call myself a skeptic because we know that performance magic is just trickery. However, it is fun to be stumped into figuring out how certain things are done. I saw one act on TV where a magician cut a guy in half. There was half a guy there. Obviously a trick because of no blood and the guy was still alive. However, the guy walked on his arms and was just an upper torso. Then he was put back together and walked on legs! I am thinking it was someone who had prosthetic legs. I never did figure it out.

It is fun to watch them perform just for the riddle of trying to figure it out. That is the appeal. You know they are purposely tricking you. They will tell you that even. However, when you can’t figure it out, they get a standing ovation. I have taught myself to not fall for the misdirection cues and to look for the trick. However, I am just an amateur sleuth when it comes to figuring out how magicians do magic tricks. What makes it entertaining to me is the work of trying to figure it out. Some people can just sit back and enjoy the show. I have to try and figure out how it is done.


Anxiously Awaiting for Our Condo to Be Finished in Singapore

It’s getting closer to the time we can move into our brand new condo over in the riverbank @ fernvale. We have been very excited anticipating the big move to our new place. I like the fact that we will be living close to the river. I have always enjoyed taking the train down to the area so we could walk along the walkways next to the river. It is a peaceful area to me. I have my favorite spots that my wife and I share.

The nice think about the Riverbank @ Fernvale is that it is very close to all the things you would ever want to do. We have access to the LRT (trains) to get anywhere we need to go in a hurry. We used to have a car years ago, but we sold it since it is cheaper and easier to just ride the trains. We have big shopping places close by, yet we also have natural areas close to our home as well. I don’t want our planned children growing up just seeing a cityscape. Our dog really likes it when we take her to the nature trails.

We looked at the shopping, dining, nature areas and the schools before deciding to send in our application to get a condo here. We did not wait too long. These places sell out long before some of these buildings are even built. Investors are interested in the better properties along with potential homeowners. We made our decision soon after the project was announced. This helped us to secure the exact condo we wanted when we got to see the floor plans.

Now we are just waiting for word of when we can move in. That is the only drawback about buying a place under construction. You get so excited wanting to move in right away even before the ground is broken for construction. It should not be much longer now. Development goes fast here in Singapore.


Getting More Website Traffic by Getting More Info on SEO Services

When I got started into this Internet business thing I had a hard time at first. I owned a brick and mortar store and the way I got customers to come in was different than how I had to get it done online. Years ago I relied on having an ad in the telephone book to get customers. That was how people looked for us and found us. We hung up a big sign on the building too, and we advertised in the newspaper. My online business was different. I needed more info on how to get customers online when we expanded our business presence to having an Internet store.

I was the parts guy in our region. All of those big and little parts you might need to fix just about anything were what we carried in our warehouse. We still have a huge inventory of parts consumers look for but discover are difficult to find. We have parts for old and new things. Selling online was an easy choice. It opened up a world of customers to us. However, we needed great SEO so that no matter what type of part people were searching for they would see us in the top search results.

However, on the other hand, we did not want to show up so much for things that we do not carry. There are auto parts stores everywhere, so we do not carry those things. That is what you call some really highly targeted SEO, and you need real professionals to pull that off. When people are using a search engine to find what it is you are selling, you want your business to be the first thing they see. However, you do not want to attract them to your business if you do not have what they want. This is why we took our time to get more info on the best SEO services that were available to us.


I Didn’t Know I Wanted a Horn

An interesting ad popped up in my email one day. The ad told me to visit the site here for a one of a lifetime deal on a train horn. I wasn’t too sure what a train horn was, but I had an assumption that it was exactly what the name suggested, a horn for a train. It turns out that a train horn is a horn that you install in your car, and it makes the same sound as a train. It was one of those things that I didn’t think I had an interest in, but that was until I actually went to the site and saw what it had to offer.

I wanted to have a horn for my car. The car I was driving was a pretty old model that belonged to my parents. They gave it to me as a starter car until I had enough money to buy my own, but since the car is still in working order, I didn’t see much of a reason to get a new one. The car could use a bit of remodeling, and the horn would be my first change to it.

I selected a nice train horn and had it delivered to my home. I went to work on my car and installed the horn in no time. The horn sounded great, and I’ve been using it as much as possible while driving. Sometimes when I’m not even driving, I’ll press the horn just to hear how it sounds. The train horn has given me an interesting idea for my car. Maybe I can continue on with the theme of trains and make modifications to it to make it more like a train. A smoke stack on the top for the car would be pretty neat.


Is Your Home and Body Properly Insured

Insurance is a part of life, as far as I’m concerned. I remember growing up hearing how important it was but I never quite understood just how saturated our society had become with it. It’s shocking to think just how much insurance is actually available to us and the types of insurance exist for us to sign up for. Sure, you can easily find something like home insurance deals as easily as you might find car insurance. But what about those insurance plans that you hear about in the news, the off-hand comments made about this singer or that Daredevil whom have certain body parts insured? How does that work? Does it ever make you wonder that maybe you too should be doing as they are doing and insuring parts of your own body just in case something should happen? Like, for instance, for the most part a lot of the work that I do is on my feet. I do a lot of walking – so why not insure my legs against damage? If they are gone, I would lose out on a lot of money and a lot of work!

Yet, is it worth it do it? I’ve never actually taken the time to look into these kinds of insurance plans but they must have be wildly expensive or so I would think. It makes you stop and wonder what sort of company would be in the business that they are willing to hedge bets against this kind of thing. Take the gamer who insured his thumbs; a smart thing to do, no doubt, considering he was making his fortune via gaming and thumbs are an integral part of gaming. And yet, how does a company gauge the cost of his payments for something like that? What sort of data do they have in order to give him a fair price?


The Perfect Counter to Spyware and Malware

Technology has come a long way in recent years, as it was not that long ago that personal computers were considered an extreme luxury and unnecessary for most people. These days almost every home has a computer of some sort, often with more computing power packed into a small box than NASA had to make their first trip to the moon. Of course as the popularity of computers spread, so did the opportunity for malicious users to take advantage of others. Spyware and malware are now extremely common on the internet, but Spyhunter 5 can help keep your computer protected.

The bottom line is that any user can be impacted by spyware or malware at any given time. Obviously less reputable websites are the most common source of problems, but top Google results or infected websites can spread problems even when users are trying to be cautious. It is sometimes very hard to even tell if spyware is on a computer without specific knowledge, as it can slow things down and cause problems, but will still run in the background. The worst part is that as people have become more aware of these things, the makers have put in further efforts to try and mask their infection and prevent their removal.

Spyhunter is a great way to combat this though, because the program is specifically designed to make sure that malware and spyware are no longer a problem. The program will not only help remove spyware from the computer, but also help to avoid it from getting on there in the first place. This is a wise investment for a computer user of any level, because protecting your data is getting more and more important every single day. We store more and more stuff on our computers these days, so whether you are worried about identity theft or just slowing down your PC, keeping it clean is always wise.


The Shame of Living with Herpes

herpes genital el herpes genital es una infeccion del virus vhsAs a man who has been living with genital herpes for several years now, I can express how important it is to have a cure for herpes. Herpes is not just a physical affliction but also a viral infection that impacts an individual mentally. Knowing that I have Herpes is a constant reminder of just how difficult it is to get a date, to find someone I can be intimate with or to even be accepted socially. Several people whom I thought were my friends actually have cut off all communication with me because of my Herpes – they feel that they can no longer associate with someone who is infected because it makes them look ‘bad’.


I Guess It is Time for Us to Move Dad

File:Nassau County 25B NY.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaIt is a lot more than we can manage right now, even though we have a nurse who comes by Dad’s place and provide him with senior in home care in nassau county ny. That has been going on for almost three years now and he is not even happy about that. In fact he is upset that we took the coil off of his the old Chevy Nova that he used to drive. The car is pretty nasty now as it has been sitting in the same spot under a sweet gum tree that has covered it in black resin or whatever that stuff is that they spew out. Of course he could probably drive just fine if you cleared the roads off and made sure that no other drivers were around to get out of his way. That obviously is not a practical idea in any sense, but you could see how he would think that he could drive just fine. He does drive just fine for the most part, but then he loses his focus and strays on to the shoulder or across the center line into the other lane.

Until the last couple of weeks it seemed as though the status quo would be okay with all of us, but it just is not working out that way. We have noticed that there are now some unmistakable hints that Dad has entered the early stages of dementia and he is going to need to be monitored by professionals around the clock. It is just very difficult to imagine how he could take care of himself while he is incapable of remembering simple things. That just is not a possible outcome at this point, although no one wants to face up to it. He will not go gently.


Don’t Get Left in the Dark

In my pursuit to save money whenever and however that I can, I have taken to doing a lot of the home repair myself. This sort of thing is becoming more common among men and women in the United States whose technology has become as much as part of their lives as something like the automobile. I decided to skip the electrician in westchester ny when my power went out in half the house. That told me it was, seemingly, something that I could probably fix on my own in no time and armed with my SmartPhone, the Internet and YouTube, I began to look up videos that could explain the issue that I was having. I had already replaced the fuses, those old kind you’re only going to find in a house that’s a hundred years old, and still I wasn’t getting any power into the upstairs.


Living Down on the Lower Bay

Nissan Frontier King Cab 4x4 - (Atascadero CA) for Sale in California ...I am living down in the Delta part of the San Francisco bay right now. I am not on the Bay precisely, but down behind my house there is a little creek that is about half a kilometer from the bay itself. I am thinking about getting a john boat with a little outboard motor and a trolling motor. People tell me that the fishing is good here if you know where to cast your line upon the water. I guess I have to get california dsl from frontier, but I am still hoping to get some good wireless internet. Of course Meg is behind the move. She really got tired of the city and there was not that big of a reason for us to live there. She is making a whole lot of money and neither of us is very pressed for time.

I hardly ever see the inside of an office any more, my work does not require me to see any of the people I deal with face to face.


Sharing Internet Service Tips with My Neighbor

I think that people have many different criteria when searching for a new Internet service provider. Some people are simply interested in finding the least expensive option and they don’t really care about speed or any other factors. Other people may be more concerned with the overall speeds they’ll reach with their Internet service provider. For these types of people, the faster, the better. I like to think that I am a little of both of these types of people, which is why I use century link. I want the best value provider, which means I’m looking for someone who will give me the best speeds at the most affordable price.

When my next door neighbor moved in last week, we got to chatting for a while. He moved all the way from across the country that he could be closer to his family. We hit it off immediately. The conversation slowly gravitated towards all of those moving related tasks that come along with living in a new place. He asked me who my Internet service provider was and I told him. He asked me what I thought about my service, and I said that I couldn’t be happier. When it comes to reliability and customer service they can’t be beat.

I found out that my new neighbor decided to go with my recommendation. He hasn’t had service for very long but he’s quite happy with the choice he made. They were able to install and turn on his service really quickly. That’s really important for someone who is very dependent on Internet service. I know that I’ll be happy for many years to come. I can’t believe how inexpensive my service is, and the best part is my Internet speed has never been faster. I don’t believe you should have to sacrifice one factor for another.


The Betrayal by Verizon to the Internet

Finding cheap internet in this economy can be a challenge – especially so when we have so few companies that are capable of providing Internet to customers. In the United States, you might think that we have some of the best Internet in the world yet this is not the case whatsoever. We have to deal with the unfortunate situation of having a handful of Internet companies, whom are (unsurprisingly) media and content providing companies who have bought most of the smaller companies. This has lead to some serious stagnation within the States – stagnation and some of the most awful Internet speeds in comparison to much of the advanced world. We rank last in several market studies that shows the United States, for a first world developed nation, is falling far behind in Internet infrastructure, speeds and quality. With so few companies providing quality Internet, how can they expect competition to balance things out? Is that not the whole point of the free market?

The United States has for far too long given too much power to corporations – from acknowledging that a corporation is a ‘person’ to the fact that they are capable of making political donations, incorporated entities are given too much freedom within the political spectrum. This is the reason why we have such terrible quality Internet services. While tax payers have provided for and paid for the current established infrastructure that they currently use in order to provide service to the consumers. We are being taken advantage of in a bad way and there must be reform – progressive reform and not the kind that Verizon has currently pushed out in the courts by violating a core tenent of Internet support by convincing the courts that there is enough competion to strike down the concept of Net Neutrality.


Shopping for Internet Providers for Your Home

Picking between internet providers for your home is a very important decision. There are many ways that you can get the internet these days, and at first you might be a bit confused about which option is best for you. Your local cable provider most likely provides internet service as well, and they probably have many option to pick from. For example, what speed you select will often play into how much it costs per month. The slower the download speeds you go with, the cheaper the service will be. Since you have options it’s important to start slow, and then if you find if the speeds are not working for you then you can upgrade them at a later date.

If you local cable company doesn’t provide internet access you might have to go with a satellite internet company. Typically these systems are more expensive than cable internet, as they have up front costs of equipment you need to buy such as the satellite dish. While these satellite internet services can have comparable speeds, the up front costs can be what scares people away from getting the service in the first place.

Of course there are always mobile internet options. Most people have mobile hot spots built into their smart phone, which gives them access to the internet on their laptop, PC, or tablet devices by simply sharing the signal. If you are already paying for your mobile device and don’t use the data that much, sharing the internet connection with a mobile hot spot can be a great way to save money on your monthly internet bill. There are also options to get mobile devices that only transmit a data signal over wifi. This can be great if you leave it at home all the time, or need to take it with you on a trip.


Best Prices for Buying Followers for a New Instagram Account

Buy Instagram Followers & Likes - GetAFollowerI own a small photography company, and we have not had a lot of sales int he recent past. It is disappointing, to say the least, and it is a trend that needs to turn around as soon as possible. I do not want to have to close up shop, and I am hoping to turn to social media to help the company. I came up with a scheme to buy instagram followers for a newly created Instagram account. That way, I can give off the appearance of having a lot of past business through Instagram, or at least the appearance of popularity.

In general, I just want to be able to attract more customers, and that is the whole purpose of setting up this account. I think that it should work better than my other plans to advertise in the past. I really hope to get some new customers within the next two months. I have some bills that are due there, and they are fairly large expenses.


Saving Our Children from Crime

Thanks to the lack of jobs in our area, we have seen a huge increase in non-violent crime. Even my own home was broken into just a few short weeks ago after a spree hit the neighborhood right after one of the packaging factories here was shut down. To me, that’s proof enough that the lack of jobs is the cause behind this sudden increase in crime. Thanks to this issue, I decided to look into ohio home security. I never thought I would actually have to get home security but when you are faced with a problem and the only solution is either buying a gun (which I would be loathe to do) or installing a home security system, I much rather do the latter. Don’t get me wrong, I would resort to violence if I absolutely had to but it is not something that I would rather be forced into. My personal belief is that violence only begets more violence.

Even in this small community I was shocked by how much crime seemed to be going around. Despite that there are fewer jobs, I also believe it is because that there are actually even less jobs for teenagers and young adults. Many of our teens don’t have any kind of focus besides their school and without jobs, especially those who are coming from a poor family, there is very little home for them to escape the vicious cycle of poverty that is gripping them and our community. I hope that we are able to bring more jobs back home soon from overseas so that young men and women feel like they will be able to contribute something to their lives without having to resort to the only two options that apparently exist for them right now; crime or the military.


The Insurance Company Didn’t Take Me Serious

... Personal Injury | Locating A Good Louisville Personal Injury LawyerWhen I was in a car accident, there were no witnesses. It was just my word against the other driver’s word on what happened. I knew that I was not at fault at all, and I was getting angry because the investigation was taking so long. In addition to my car being totaled, I received some injuries that are going to have long lasting effects on my family and myself. The insurance company was in no hurry to help me, and that is the only reason I decided to hire a personal injury attorney.

I was trying to keep everything simple, but I felt like I was being given the run around on this. I had heard horror stories about insurance companies, but I had never had a problem on the minor claims that I had filed before. It was not until my accident that I realized they can be quite heartless. I knew I was in over my head handling things just on my own, and that is why I wanted to involve a lawyer. I didn’t want just any lawyer either.


Waiting is the Hardest Part

9GAG - Relationship diagramWhen my roommate broke up with his girlfriend, he was devastated. He was too sad to do anything and felt like he had no hope of getting her back. I told him there was a possible way that he could get her back, and he asked me how. I told him not to text her, because I had read on a website that the best way to make sure that you and your ex never get back together is to text your ex back. This didn’t make any sense to him, but I assured him that it would work.

My roommate has having a hard time resisting the urge to text his ex, so I helped him by taking him out. We went to our favorite hang out spots and did some things to pass the time. We both like to play pool, so we went to the local game room and played a few games of pool.


Great Property Consultants in Singapore

Supreme Group Dubai | Supreme Group: Integrated Supply Chain SolutionsI am going to try to hire a company to find a new office for my business in the near future. My business has been renting out an office for nearly a decade now, but the space no longer meets our needs, and we are going to need to find something a bit larger and more accommodating. I am hoping to find property consultants in singapore that will be able to assist my company in our search for a new place to have our offices.

I am guessing that I should start searching the Internet, for various companies in the area, that offer such services.


Recent Breakthroughs for Curing Herpes

Herpes Treatment - Learn, Discuss, Herpes Treatments ...It has been awhile since I have read anything about the Herpes virus, and advances towards curing it. I have had herpes on my lip for over 10 years now, and I just had a pretty nasty outbreak last week. It was the first outbreak that I have had in a while, but it was a rather severe one, and it reminded me of how much I hate having herpes. As such, I think that I am going to try to look into any info about a herpes cure breakthrough to see what I can learn on the subject.

I would be interested in learning about any sort of recent medical advances that have to do with herpes. I do not care if the advances have been applied to humans yet, or if they are still speculative in nature. Rather, I am just hoping to learn as much as I can right now, to see if there is any reason to hope that I could be cured of my herpes in the near future.


Battle Over Fawcetts Living Revocable Trust and Her $30M Warhol Painting is Final, Reports reports on the final fight over a painting by Andy Warhol of Farrah Fawcett. Jury rules portrait will continue to be in the possession of Ryan ONeal.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) December 30, 2013, a website on advanced estate and trust planning, owned by Estate Street Partners, recently released its financial investigative report of the jury’s decision on Thursday December 19, 2013 (3) that allows Ryan O’Neal to keep one of the Warhol portraits of Farrah Fawcett. discusses legal principles of ownership, possession, and personal property of this case.


“Possession is nine-tenths of the law,” states matter of factly, Rocco Beatrice, managing director for Estate Street Partners.


“This adage, which is often associated with the Hatfield – McCoy legal battle of the late 19th century, was recently applied by the jury in the case of University of Texas v. Ryan O’Neal, Case No. BC468468, in the Superior Court of the State of California.”


At the center of this legal dispute, as outlined in the court documents, was a valuable objet d’art, a portrait of the late Farrah Fawcett by late American Pop Art master Andy Warhol.


According to a court records, Fawcett was introduced to Warhol by her on-off boyfriend of 30 years, Ryan O’Neal, in or around 1980, and the painter resolved to immortalize her beguiling visage on two portraits. O’Neal claims one was apparently given to her and the other to himself.


The two Warhols, where one of them has been valued at approximately $ 30 million as noted by BBC (1).


The University’s counsel, David Beck, declared in the the court papers that Fawcett deposited both paintings into the Fawcett Living Trust. Her trust bequeathed her art collection to her alma mater the University of Texas Austin (“UT”). The Board of Regents of the University, however, only received one of the Warhols from the trustee.


According to the Dallas Morning News (6), the University’s regents became aware of the existence of a twin Warhol portrait when a former Fawcett “secret” boyfriend came forward and explained that two portraits had been created. The University hired a private investigator, but the regents’ investigation was conclusive after they saw a reality television show starring O’Neal called “Ryan and Tatum: The O’Neals” that proved the existence of the other Warhol: It was hanging on the bedroom wall of the actor’s Malibu home.


The University sued O’Neal on the basis that the Warhol was part of the Fawcett Living Trust. Upon examination of court documents, holds that the Fawcett Living Trust was not specific as to the objects in the art collection bequeathed. asserts the Fawcett Living Trust was challenged insofar as the nature of the assets, but the structure and intent was intact. It is clear that the late Charlie’s Angels star left all the artworks in her living trust to the University; thus, the case went from probate to a challenge of possession and ownership concludes the statement. does not believe that the asset protection feature of the Fawcett Living Trust has been breached. Getting a court order to enforce the terms of the trust and compel O’Neal to turn over the Warhol to the University could have been easier if sufficient documentation of ownership had been included in the trust.


In the end, according to court documents, it came down to a jury trial and deliberation of ownership. Several witnesses were called up. Jaclyn Smith, 68, Fawcett’s former co-star on “Charlie’s Angels”, Redmond O’Neal, 28, son of Ryan and Farrah, as well as Maribel Avila, nurse to Fawcett came to testify.


These witnesses all testified in favor of Ryan O’Neal. As reported on, Jaclyn Smith was quoted from the TODAY show (5), “I really feel Farrah would want that portrait with Ryan.” After the juror’s decision, Redmond on the TODAY show felt that his mom “up there” had something to do with the outcome of the decision.


According to court documents, the University’s appeal to the jurors failed to turn the jury’s decision. During the trial, they presented to the jurors Fawcett’s reality TV show when she herself stated she was contemplating on whether to sell one of the Warhol portraits when both were in her possession at the time of the filming.


The University also cited documents, according to the courts documents, signed by Fawcett allowing the portraits to be displayed at the Andy Warhol Museum and stated she owned the portraits.


However, the believes the fact that O’Neal has been in possession of one of the Warhols was not lost on the jury. continues in its report that though Fawcett did enjoy both Warhols at some point in her life, there was an absence of clear and compelling testimony to indicate that she did not intend to share one Warhol with O’Neal.


The aforementioned witnesses presumed O’Neal to be the rightful owner, and the jury agreed., in its financial statement, points out that the Warhol portrait hanging in his bedroom has probably appreciated in value due to this public court case.


“If there is an O’Neal Trust in existence, then I would highly advise that he include the Warhol portrait as tangible personal property and insure it to protect this valuable asset,” counsels Mr. Beatrice.


“I would further strongly instruct the creation of an O’Neal Irrevocable Trust as opposed to a Living Revocable Trust. There is a vast difference between the two forms of trust.” affirms there is one less major thing O’Neal has to concern himself with.


“He [Ryan O’Neal] does not have to worry too much about future ownership challenges; after all, he now has a solid common law precedent to rely on.”


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Just Got Back from Germany

The reasons why your car insurance premium is sky-high - TelegraphI am straight out of Wiesbaden this morning, right now I am sitting at Gander, Newfoundland waiting for them to get the plane ready. After that I am going to Fort Campbell and then after a couple of weeks I get my discharge and it is back to civilian life for the first time in nearly a decade. I am looking for some cheap auto insurance and thinking that I might have to spend some time being completely free of any sort of entanglement. I can afford to do it, because while I was off in Europe my expenses were nothing and then I had this settlement money due me from a long time ago, from something that happened while I was in high school. My Mom negotiated a good settlement with me, from this guy’s insurance company and they are going to be giving me a nice fat check in a few months.

At any rate I am thinking about getting me a truck with a camper shell and going West to some places where I have never been.


Info About the Duo Residences Condos

DUO Residences | Mixed development at Rochor-Ophir by M+S - HomeI have been thinking about moving to a nice, new condo for quite awhile. However, I have not really had the opportunity to act on this desire yet. My friend was telling me about the duo residences the other day, which I guess is going to have a lot of condos available for sale once it opens. Something a long the lines of a few hundred; I think that he actually said that there would be 500 or 600 units available upon the launch of the location. I am not really sure if that is accurate though, so I am going to try to find some more information out about this place.

I do not really like the place I am currently living at, and I think that I spent too much money on it. Odds are, I will not be able to make that money back when I sell the place.